Chinese–English Translation Services

Scholarly experts and language experts form a strong team to provide you with the most accurate and authoritative academic translation in order to prepare your research for submission to English journals.

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Don't let language become an obstacle in your academic career. Whether your research field is medicine, engineering, the humanities, or social sciences, we can help you get your work published. Our professional team has more than 20 years of academic publishing experience and has successfully published documents for clients in various fields.

We use a scientific and rigorous academic translation process as well as academic and language experts to ensure that your arguments are expressed clearly and professionally. In addition, all translated manuscripts must pass a completely independent second review conducted by Scribendi's native language editing team. The members of this team have years of scientific editing experience to ensure that your final manuscript meets all language and formatting requirements.

What You'll Receive

Your Chinese–English translation team will do the following:

Merudio's Technology

Merudio's editors have access to the world's most advanced grammatical error correction tool, the Accelerator. Making use of machine learning, the Accelerator is an artificial intelligence-powered tool that is more accurate and more reliable than similar tools on the market. This technology allows Merudio's editors to devote more time to preparing your work for publication and less time hunting for typos.

Security and Privacy

We take your privacy and the security of your documents very seriously. We hold our editors to an extremely high standard, and all uploads and downloads are encrypted to protect you and your work. For more information about Merudio's security, please see our FAQs.

Their editors make suggestions to improve the documents overall and ensure the authors' research is presented in a well-organized, clearly written, and concise manner. We deal with many articles each month for our biology and medical journals like The Journal of Medical Immunology Research, so these editing services are critical to managing our workflow.

Xiaoqian Zhong, CEO

Enoch Publishing Corporation, JiangSu, China

How It Works

Get your scholarly work professionally translated in three simple steps.

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1. Place Your Order

Upload your academic document and get a quote. During the ordering process, you can specify your requirements and upload extra documentation (such as journal requirements) if needed.

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2. Document Translation

Sit back and relax. A professional Chinese–English translator will translate your work. With the help of an expert in your academic field, your translator will ensure that the correct terminology is applied.

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3. Collect Your Order

Your translated document will be passed to an editor who will hone your writing to the highest academic standard. Then you can pick up your completed order and submit it to a prestigious journal in English.

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Chinese–English Translation Services